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聯安健康檢查機構 ─ 健康檢查 | 健康管理 | 預防保健 | 預防醫學
Health Examination Schedule

Health Examination Elucidator
聯安健康檢查機構 ─ 健康檢查 | 健康管理 | 預防保健 | 預防醫學
Doctors provide comprehensive and personal medical advices after health examination.
Lianan has recruited several doctors with their own subspecialties.
  Pre-marital Health Examination

Dear Friends,

We accept check-in from 7:30 am onwards. (Please inform us, if you might be late.)


Location:B2, No.16, Sec.4, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan District, Taipei City
You can take elevator/ escalator at exit 3 and get across Beining Rd. to our client, or direct to our client entrance by climbing stairs at exit 4.


Check-in requirements:


Please bring your ID, health status questionnaire (please fill the table at first), and fecal sample kit.


No food, water nor gum is to be taken after 12 midnight, the night before the health examination day.


Fee: Please pay at the counter on the same day.


If you would like to change the examination day to another date or cancel the appointment, please call us three days prior to your examination day.


Attention to Drugs for Chronic Diseases


If you are having aspirin and anticoagulant or any other drugs, please notify us before the health examination.


For diabetes patients, hypoglycemia drug or insulin should not be taken or injected on the morning of the health examination, but make sure to bring those drugs to the clinic to be taken or injected after the exams that are to be done under fasting state.
  (3) If you are taking any medicine below, please follow the instructions:
    a. If you are taking the medicine for hypertension, heart disease, arrhythmia, antiepileptic, or Myasthenia Gravis, you can still have it on the morning of the examination day. (with only 10-30cc. of water)
    b. For asthma patient who constantly take bronchodilator drug, puff or spray. Please have your usual drugs at the examination day. For other asthma patient, please bring your bronchodilator drugs to the clinic.
    c. For people constantly taking sedative, sleep medications, or anti-anxiety drugs. You can have those drugs at the night before the examination day.


Special requirement for Women:


Ladies who already, planning, or suspect pregnant are not appropriate for health examination. Please postpone the examination-date.



The examination should be taken 5~7days after the menstruation periods. For the menses will affect the fecal sample kit and urinalysis.


If you are in the breast-feeding period, please notify us to make a proper assessment before the exam. Moreover, do not breast-feed in the 24hours after the endoscopic exam under anesthesia.


Special requirement for Women:For Sperm Analysis, please avoid any sexual intercourse three days prior to your examination (72hours).


Steps to Obtain Feces Sample
Those who have sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy exam, please obtain fecal material before having any laxative.
For others, obtain fecal material before/at the day of the examination day.
Please refer to the instruction in the green zip lock bags for the steps to obtain feces sample.


Additional Notice


Do not bring or wear any valuables when you come for examination.


Please wear casual and relaxing clothing on the exam day. Do not wear tight clothes. We provide clothes during the examination.


To avoid interfering the result of radiographic examination, please wear underwear that is free of metals, thick plastic buttons, or accessories.


Without any special condition, there is no need to accompany by relatives during the examination. Moreover, for the rights of other customers and the health quality, please do not let children accompany.


Hotline: (02)2570-2155 ext.2
We wish you and your family vibrant health and lots of luck.

B2, No.16, Sec. 4, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan District, Taipei City 105, Taiwan
TEL: (02)2570-2155 #2 FAX: (02)2712-8050 E-mail:



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