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Professional Individual Care
High Quality Health Examination
Complete Health Management Service And Follow-up Consultation
Medical-based Health Food
聯安健康檢查機構 ─ 健康檢查 | 健康管理 | 預防保健 | 預防醫學
Doctors provide comprehensive and personal medical advices after health examination.
Lianan has recruited several doctors with their own subspecialties.
Medical-based Health Food

Developed by Functional Medicine Research Center
Introducing medical-based health food developed by the Functional Medicine Research Center in the United States, the health food is made from safe, natural and contamination-free ingredients, fit for human physiology to absorb and utilize.

Professional Health Evaluation

Combined with functional medicine examination, physicians prescribe health food according to personal health conditions and individual needs.

Assigned Dieticians on Service
Dieticians provide health care consultation service including pre- and post-purchasing consultation of merchandises.

1+364 Days Year Round Health Management

Lianan possesses the essence of humanity not only on the day the examinees enter the center, but also extends the spirit throughout the remaining 364 days after the examination is accomplished. The professional health management team in Lianan continously follow-up abormal results and provide medical advice, making all of examinees in Lianan not only know how to keep their bodies healthy but also earn a good friend that truly cares about their health.

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