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Professional Individual Care
High Quality Health Examination
Complete Health Management Service And Follow-up Consultation
Medical-based Health Food
聯安健康檢查機構 ─ 健康檢查 | 健康管理 | 預防保健 | 預防醫學
Doctors provide comprehensive and personal medical advices after health examination.
Lianan has recruited several doctors with their own subspecialties.
Professional Individual Care

Accessible Appointments:
We assign special personnel to take care of scheduling processes. They also thoroughly explain all the examining processes.

Effective Physical Examinations:

A specially designated professional will accompany examinees individually. One set of complete physical examination only takes six hours.

Professional Diagnoses:

At the same day of physical examination, a doctor will provide comprehensive diagnosis and explain the results to the examinee. 

Health Management:

Senior physicians not only analyze the examination results, refer the examinees to medical center for further treatment, but also provide health advices about living a healthier life.

Custom Designed Physical Examinations

Custom Designed Services:

Professional nurse practitioners design different sets of individual physical examination processes according to personal conditions and needs.

Relaxing Physical Examinations:

The surrounding in Lianan is roomy and comfortable with fresh flowers and ceaseless soft music. Having your physical examination in Lianan will be a delightful trip of getting to know your body.

Considerate Consultations:

Registered dieticians provide one on one health care consultation, and devise the optimal daily dietary plan according to your physical needs.

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