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Doctors provide comprehensive and personal medical advices after health examination.
Lianan has recruited several doctors with their own subspecialties.
Functional Medicine (Selective) assessment Optional Items and Fees

2015.01.01 update
No. Category (sample) Examination
Objectives Fee/NT$
1 Comprehensive Adrenocortex Stress Profile  Blood and Saliva Evaluate the capability to cope with stress ans the stress level. Stress-related physical distarbances include tired、poor sleep、anxiety、immune not so well、autonomic nerve dysfunction and so on.
2 Comprehensive Male Hormone Profile  Blood Evaluate male sex hormone aging condition. Testosterone decline is related to sexual dysfunction、tired、rnuscle wasting and even metabolic syndrome. 6,000
3 Comprehensive Female Hormone Profile  Blood & Urine Evaluate female sex hormone aging condition. Menopause is related to osteoporosis、mood unstable、autonomic nerve dysfunction and even metabolic syndrome.
Meanwhile,check the good or bad estrogen metabolic pathway.
4 Estrogen Metabolic Assessment Urine Evaluate the good or bad estrogen metabolic pathway and then understand how to change lifestyle to reduce female cancers. 3,200
5 Growth Factors Analysis Blood IGF-1 is an index of aging 、sleep quality and the ability of rejuvenation. 1,500
6 Antioxidant/Vitamins Analysis Blood Evaluate the levels of some antioxidants by food or supplements.
Antioxidant imbalance is related to aging proces、antivirus ability and organ protection.
7 Oxidative Stress Analysis Blood Evaluate the levels of free radical and the ability of detoxification. Overt free radical is related to chronic degenerative disease. 6,000
8 Nutrient & Toxic Elements Blood Evaluate the exposure of toxic elements by erythrocyte. Meanwhile check the levels of nutrition elements. 6,000
9 Comprehensive Metabolism Assessment Urine Evaluate the metabolisms of carbohydrate、fat、 protein、 energy、neurotransmitter and ecology of intestinal bacteria colony to understand the vitamines deficiency or not and nutritions intake. 9,800
10 Food Allergy Profile  Blood Evaluate the immune reactions with some environment factors and foods.The overt immunity may relate with skin rash or eczema or dermatitis、asthma、allergic rhinitis、fatigue、 dizziness、headache、edema、attention disorder and irritable bowel disorder. 8,000
11 Acute Allergy Profile Blood Evalute 40 common acute allergens IgE titers. Avoid acute allergen to improve the immune stability. 4,500
12 Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis Feces Evaluate the gastrointestinal functions,including the gastric digestive ability,small intestine absorption and colon ecology. 9,800
13 Intestinal Permeability Assessment Urine Evaluate the small intestine epithelium health. The injuny of epithelium may cause immune vicious cycle,including allergy,chronic fatigue,and autoimmune disorders.  2,600
14 Apo-E Genotype Analysis Blood ApoE genotype is an indicator of dementia risk and hyperlipidemia. 3,000
15 Health Gene Analysis Buccal Swab Evalue 18 gene points to understand the inherited risk of cardiovascular disorder、mind propensity、bone health、antioxidant capability、detoxification capability、drug or hormone metabolism and alcohol tolerance. 30,000
16 Xenoestrogen: Phthalates、Parabens、Phenols Urine Phthalates, Parabens and Phenols are often classified as xenoestrogens, foreign compounds in the body functioning as endocrine disruptors by binding specifically to estrogen receptors to indace the risk of cancers. This assay can help identify everyday exposures to xenoestrogens, in order to modify living habits and reduce exporsure. 4,500
1. There is no more preferential discount for the above items. Fees are subject to change without further notice. Please call us to make a confirmation.
2. Should there be any question please feel free to call us or visit our website.

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